Annual Best Principal’s /Directors Awards Function

  1. Principals/Directors / Headmasters with 10 years of regular teaching experience and who are actually working as. Principals/Directors/ Headmasters in primary/middle/high/ higher secondary schools only shall be considered.
  2. Normally retired Principals/Directors / Headmasters are not eligible for the award but those teachers who have served a part of the calendar year (at least for four months i.e. up to 30th April in the year to which National Awards relates) may be considered if they fulfil all other conditions. The service rendered on re-employment after attaining the age of superannuation will not count as eligible service.
  3. Principals/Directors / Headmasters whose names were recommended last year or before can be considered again if they are still otherwise eligible and are recommended by the School Administration.
  4. Only those Principals/Directors / Headmasters, having requisite years of teaching experience, as mentioned at Sl.No.1 above, on 31st December of the preceding year of the Award, will be eligible to be considered for the award.
  5. The School Managing Committee should GUIDE THE SELECTION OF Principals/Directors / Headmasters AT VARIOUS LEVELS:
  6. Principals/Directors / Headmasters’ reputation in the local community;
  7. His/her academic efficiency and desire for its improvement.
  8. His/her genuine interest in and love for children; and
  9. His/her involvement in the social life of the community.


  1. The initial selection shall be made at the Block Level by the Block Committee, at District level by a District Committee from amongst the names recommended by the Schools Managing Committee. The District Committee of WANI along with such other local authorities e.g. Corporation, Panchayat etc. which they may determine in the context of local conditions can finalize the Names for the Awards..

No Principals/Directors / Headmasters  shall be asked or permitted to apply for the award. The names shall be recommended by the District Committee only on the basis of the Principals/Directors / Headmasters’ record of work.

  1. The State Selection Committee shall scrutinize and sift the recommendations of the District Committee and recommend to the State Committee the suitable names. The names of Principals/Directors / Headmasters selected by the District Committee shall be arranged in order of merit before they are recommended to the State Committee who shall forward the same to the National Committee for the Final List, along with character certificate of faultless antecedents and absolute integrity duly signed by the Managing Committee and the Head Of the Institution/School/College.

The recommendations of the State Selection Committee shall not be modified by anyone to substitute names, or to disturb the order of merit recommended by the State Selection committee. However, if the State Committee is of the view that any of the selected teachers is otherwise unfit for the award, it may recommend omission of such names to the National Committee furnishing details for the same.

  1. The State/UTs/School systems shall recommend at least the prescribed number of awards under the category “Special Awards”. In case they do not find suitable number of Principals/Directors / Headmasters under this category, the award will not be recommended, but in – 4 – that situation the number of allocated awards for special award shall not be transferred to the general category.
  2. The final selection will be made by the national Committee.
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